Review: Nashbar Duro Pro Road Tire

I’ve been running Continental Gatorskin tires on my road bicycle for the last 1000 miles or so. It was time for new – especially after the last goat head season.  I had a couple flats due to goat heads puncturing the sidewall. During the last repair, I removed about half a dozen thorns from the tread portion of each tire that had not yet caused a puncture but time was not on my side.

Shopping around, I found that these Gatorskin tires are not exactly, inexpensive. Even on sale they are around $50 each. Of course, being a cheapskate, that didn’t settle very well.

I eventually found the Nashbar Duro Pro tires.  They are advertised as “Dual compound tread improves traction in the corners without sacrificing rolling resistance or tread wear” and “Lightweight but tough bead to bead polyamide layer protects from punctures and sidewall cuts.”  Ok, I’ll bite.  Ended up purchasing them for $20 each in the 700C x 25 size on a day when shipping was free.

They arrived in short order and appeared to be normal tires.  I mounted them up and went for a spin.

Nashbar Duro Pro Road Bike BIcycle tire reivew

I now have about two hundred miles on them. The new tire molding hair still exists in some places and neither tire seems to be wearing at all and certainly not excessively.  I’ve not ridden in the rain so no data in slippery conditions but in the dry they feel no different than the Gatorskins (to my big butt).

One little thing I’ve noticed while working on my bike (spinning the tires while on the stand) is that the wheels seem out of balance.  This may have been the case with the old tires and I simply did not notice it.  It would seem that bike tires are always heaviest at the stem, I dunno.  Just an observation, not a negative or problem.

No flats, knock on wood.

Time will tell but so far I am very satisfied with my twenty dollar tires.

5 thoughts on “Review: Nashbar Duro Pro Road Tire

  1. Speedbird57

    I use corrugated cardboard cut into strips and laid in the tire, which is then seated on the rim. When the tube is inflated, the cardboard can’t shift around, being squashed by the air pressure in the tube. Takes a little bit of fitting to eliminate overlap of the ends of the cardboard pieces so it might could feel bumpy but I never notice anything with my off road tires – they are knobbly anyway. If I use enough cardboard (like three layers) even if goat heads poke through the tire, they can’t go all the way through to poke a hole in the tube. I live in Colorado in the middle of goathead land and haven’t had a flat since I started doing this.

    1. JD Post author

      Hey Bruce – that is a very interesting idea! I’ve seen the tire liner products but have read a number of less than positive reviews so haven’t tried them. The cardboard idea is right up my ally in terms of cost!! :-)

  2. Ian

    Hey JD just wanted to see how these tires are working out for you. I have had a few problems with the wire bead in my conti gatorskins and took every single set off my road bikes and am replacing them all with these. I see some mixed reviews on them but more so people comparing them to durability of a gatorskin at half the price. I am done with Conti as a whole so while its not an issue for my Cross bike or MTB’s I need to find a new company / tire brand for my road bikes.

    I ordered a bunch of sets of them but wont be in till the end of the week with the holiday and all. Just curios how after a month these are working out for you and if you have had any problems with quality / flat protection. Would you say this tire is a hidden gem for the price? Or just your average run of the mill. After having a Gatorkskin blow out from under my legs while standing over the bike and inspecting 16 other tires I found the wire bead on the Conti’s (5 out of 16) start to split away from the rubber making it a time bomb. Something that left a bad taste in my mouth and not something I wish to ride on my carbon bike let alone my steel road bike. Some of these tires had very low miles on them while one of my original sets was perfect other then it had makeshift patches inside of it from slits lol.

    1. JD Post author

      Hi Ian – With a shade under 500 miles on them, I’m still happy. Sounds like you may work your tires much harder than I do. My riding is pretty gentle except for the pavement expansion joints and cracks. My nemesis are the stinking goat heads. I’m not seeing unusual wear and have not had a puncture yet. I’m not sure I’d call these tires a hidden gem but at least the price seems reasonable.

      Report back with your experience please, will be interesting to know how they do under more extreme riding.

      1. Ian

        Awesome thanks for getting back to me! Would you at least compare them to a less expensive gatorskin? I ride 4-6 days a week so I tend to put a lot of miles on my bikes. Only 150lb @ 5’10 and I do take care of my stuff very well but I do ride my bikes very hard so I am a bit worried how well they will hold up.

        I am just a bit disappointed at the price per Conti tire and having them show such poor quality control. Hopefully these will be worth the money.


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