Robot VB.Net C#.Net Software Development Message Queuing FilesI have a bunch of files available for free download.  These include Subaru engine manuals; and Quickie, Q2, and Q200 aircraft plans/documentation and some miscellaneous other. I’ve had to split the various documents into three pages. Click on this link for the Subaru Manuals, this link for the Quickie Aircraft Documents, or this link for Diagrams/Drawings (or the big links below).

Most files are PDF documents and can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some of the files are multi-page TIFF images. Each page is the full 11×17 size. You can view the images on your computer and/or print all or individual pages. The photos aren’t the best quality but are better than nothing.

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Click here for Subaru Manuals

Click here for Quickie Aircraft Documents

Click here for Drawings and Diagrams


2 thoughts on “Files

  1. Sergey

    I’m Sergey from Odessa. I saw your web site and understand so you can tell where you can find radial gearbox for Subaru engine. I almost built the plane, there was one question – engine, rather gearbox for engine.

    Thank you,

    1. JD Post author

      Hi Sergey, I’m not really sure who is still in the gearbox business. Real World Solutions used to have a good one. Geared Drives might be back in business. Finally, AutoFlight may be able to help you.

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